Menopause & Identity in Trans Individuals Assigned Female at Birth

10 May 2023

Hello! I’m Esthefanea, a doctoral trainee in counselling psychology at the University of Roehampton. Currently, I’m seeking participants for my research on menopause and identity among trans individuals who were assigned female at birth.

Research Overview

In this study, I aim to interview 15 trans individuals who were assigned female at birth. The research will be completed by the summer of 2023. My interest lies in understanding how trans individuals navigate the menopausal stage and how this experience shapes their self-perception. I’ve noticed a lack of research on the trans experience of menopause, making it essential to explore diverse menopausal narratives. This research will contribute to informed counselling support for menopausal trans clients.

Ethical Considerations

I want to assure you that the University of Roehampton’s Research Integrity and Ethics Committee has approved this research, and it will adhere to the ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society.

Participant Criteria

To participate, you must be an adult aged 18 or older, identify as a trans person assigned female at birth, with a self-rated perimenopausal or menopausal status.

Participation Details

Participation is entirely voluntary. Initially, we will conduct a brief phone call to discuss the study and answer any questions you might have. You can choose to be interviewed in person (for those in London) or remotely via Microsoft Teams. The interview will last up to 90 minutes and involve a short demographics questionnaire, which will take no more than 10 minutes, followed by the interview itself. We will record the interview for accuracy, and all information provided will remain confidential. Rest assured, all published data will be pseudonymized, with no names or identifying details included.

About Me

I am in the last year of my doctoral degree programme in counselling psychology at the University of Roehampton. Originally from Brazil, I’m bilingual and identify as a cis hetero woman. I’m more than willing to address any questions or provide additional information about the study. You can find my complete contact details in the recruitment poster below or message me on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Thank You for Your Assistance

Your participation in this research is greatly appreciated.

Recruitment poster for research into menopause of Trans people assigned female at birth.

Recruitment poster

by Esthefanea Santos

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